A Note from Lucinda:

My intention is that my photography is inspiration to reflect back the embodiment of the Divine that you are.

I have been told countless times that I see the beauty and potential in others. I SEE this from the being that is within each of us, where your highest potential longs to shine forth.

I’ve been fascinating with people as my muse and subject since I was a child. After growing up with my folks’ darkroom in the bathroom, chemicals in the bathtub, the magic of capturing something in life and printing it out on paper became an alchemical fascination. After being one of my mother’s favorite subjects for years, I grew up to high school where I started photographing my friends as black and whites on my film camera. I shot my girl friends (and also my boyfriends) for years until I decided to go professional, and follow my love. Now I’ve captured multi-thousands of beautiful images of entrepreneurs and families and not stopping anytime soon.  🙂

Enjoy the images on this site.

Love and Life,