Some kind words from some amazing clients…



“Lucinda revealed my essence through the most magical photographs I’ve ever had taken.”

She is simply amazing to work with. Honestly, you owe it to yourself to have a photo shoot with her at least once in your life. It’s a gift you’ll treasure forever. Thank you, precious Lucinda!

— Lisa Michaels, Best-Selling Author & Mentor







“One of my favorite shoots yet which says a lot as I spent so many years modeling and in front of the camera.”

Lucinda has such a sweet and comfortable presence with just enough wild and sensual playfulness to truly bring out the full range of feminine expression in those blessed to be in front of her camera! For those of you sister revolutionaries out there desiring to bring forth your truest self more in your branding, I cannot recommend Lucinda Rae highly enough. Truly an experience of massive upleveling for both myself and my business!

— Renee Jeffus, Former CoverGirl Super Model, Revolutionary Radiance Movement Mentor




“I’m blown away.”

…in a such good way while looking at my photos. I love my curves. The angles you captured are amazing. The lighting you captured is quite extraordinary. It’s really breathtaking actually. There is so many photos to work with (and I’m so excited for all your sparkly graphics coming soon!) I couldn’t be happier with what we achieved! I expected just a handful… but there are SO many to choose from and in all the different locations are wonderful.

— Stephanie Dawn, Sacred Business Coach






“You were the one to help me show up in this world, and to help me to be exactly who I’m meant to be.”

I want to thank you so much for honoring me today. I’ve been following your photographs for several years. I’ve been seeing these beautiful women and the essence of them captured and I was so called and I had to figure out who that photographer was… and it was you! And when I found you, I was just so relieved and I knew you were the one to help me show up in this world, and to help me to be exactly who I’m meant to be. For that, and honoring me today, I’ve forever grateful. Thank you so much!

— Bonnie Silver,





“Lucinda held a space for me to see myself in a new and positive light through her lens, to allow myself to be seen, and to open up to a new way of sharing the beauty within me.”

I’m definitely a photo-shoot-aphobe, and it was no small fear that I had to overcome in requesting and scheduling a photo session with Lucinda. Right away she made me feel at ease and helped me to relax, and the shoot turned out to be surprisingly fun, and hilariously funny. Lucinda held a space for me to see myself in a new and positive light through her lens, to allow myself to be seen, and to open up to a new way of sharing the beauty within me. She has a gift for capturing the rare, precious, magical, and inspiring face that is all too often hidden within. Thank you, Lucinda, for the gift of your gift!

— Eric Baumgartner, Acupuncturist & Clinical Program Director at Alchemy Wellness Spa Cafe




“I love your photoshoot!!!”

…It is one of my absolute favorites.

— Mirabai Devi, Internationally Acclaimed Spiritual Teacher, Author and Founder of the Mirabai Devi Foundation








“She has a way to bring out EXACTLY what I want… as if she was in my head! Seriously brilliant.”

I absolutely love working with Lucinda! We created an incredible partnership that made it so easy for me to trust her.

What I love the most about her is her creativity. Her images capture the essence of my brand. She has a way to bring out EXACTLY what I want… as if she was in my head! I highly recommend anyone who is looking for reliable, intelligent and talented support to work with Lucinda. Lucinda is bringing my vision to life in a major way that will be relevant for years to come.

— Tanya Lynn, CEO of Tribal Truth & Best-Selling Author





“With an artist’s eye she can create photographs that are pure poetry and are magnetic to your audience.

I love working with Lucinda! It’s a rare photographer that can capture such depth and archetypal essence with such ease and mastery. Lucinda takes everything you are trying to communicate about who you are, and how you serve, and shaboom – it appears in a photograph! Her photographs are worth a 144,000 words, especially when new-paradigm conscious entrepreneurs are still trying to find the words to explain how they serve.

Lucinda’s photos bring LIGHT, BEAUTY and CLARITY and a deep, instant communication of your essence out to the world and to all those whom you would serve so they can CONNECT with you and be uplifted. With an artist’s eye she can create photographs that are pure poetry and are magnetic to your audience.

To boot, she’s a born natural, and photography with her is effortless, instant, light, and incredibly FUN. Goddesses, you finally get to look – on the outside – how you feel on the inside! And that is a rare and precious gift to all of us.

For the cherry on top – it’s rare to find such a talented and inspired photographer who also knows her way around websites and branding. Lucinda understands how photographs need to be used and can build your entire service portal out in a way that is totally, massively, coherent with your SOUL. Pure awesomeness.

— Christina Sophia Huntley, MDiv. (Harvard University): Spiritual Healer & Conduit of the Light



“No wonder I go 3,000 miles to work with you!”

I don’t know where to begin with my appreciation for you, Lucinda. No one has taken pictures of me that I love as much as the ones you have taken. Not by a long shot. This is not only because you see beauty and know how to capture it with a camera. It is also because you know how to create space that is soaked in joy, that radiates joy, and that captures the joy on film. What could be more magnetic and appealing than that!! You invite me to step into my full expression of myself and you anchor that expression in a picture. No wonder I go 3000 miles to work with you! Thank you so much!

— Sarah Lea Hamel





“Best photos I’ve ever had done, and I’ve been in front of the camera quite a lot having done a bit of modeling in the past.”

The very first time I saw Lucinda’s work I knew that I’d found the perfect person to help me bring my vision to life. Then when I was fortunate enough to meet Lucinda in person at a business event in L.A. my intuition was confirmed. Lucinda has such a warm and friendly personality and it was so easy to see her passion for what she does shine through as she spoke to me… I was so excited to fly out to Lucinda’s beautiful home in the Los Angeles [area] for a full day long photo shoot. Lucinda provided a very talented hair and makeup artist who immediately ‘got’ the look and vibe I was aiming for. I felt like a star for the day as I was preened and pampered, polished and perfected. Lucinda had set up several different sets for our photos to take place, to reflect my brand and get the best out of me. I felt very comfortable in her presence as she has the ability to calm any nerves you may be feeling and injected a sense of humour into the situation, keeping it light hearted and informal. It was a long day and we even ran over time, I knew Lucinda was tired but she carried on regardless, truly dedicated to getting the perfect shots for me. A true professional! When I saw the photos a week or so later I was amazed! They are so stunning, they capture the essence of me and my brand perfectly and are actually the best photos I’ve ever had done, and I’ve been in front of the camera quite a lot having done a bit of modeling in the past. I’d recommend Lucinda’s photography to anyone!

— Natalie Heath, Women’s Weight Loss & Body Confidence Mentor, Raw Food Alchemist & Coach,




“Her photos draw attention to my work and invites people to see me.”

Lucinda is gifted at capturing the essence of me as my brand and expressing that artfully in a way that allows me to be gracefully visible.

— Katherine McClelland, Founder of Raw Naked Beauty Project







“By having your photos done by her, it allows you to be unwavering by standing in your brand power and claiming your voice.”

Lucinda’s connection to divine inspiration and imagination is powerful and direct. Working with her in our photoshoot was incredible. She allowed my true self to shine, myself to be expressed in images and allowed me to feel grounded and gorgeous (which even carried over into my home life as an added bonus). She creates with soul and heart and sees right to the core of what you’re wanting to express. By having your photos done by her, it allows you to be unwavering by standing in your brand power and claiming your voice.

—  Tracy Kay, Coach and Intuitive Guide




“You have captured my most embodied essence.”

Love, love, love my new pictures! They are gorgeous! I just printed all of them off to begin working on a marketing campaign. As I sit in the middle of them, all I can see and feel and think is how much you have captured my most embodied essence. Thank you Lucinda!…they are perfect!

— Lori A Andrus, Journey Jewels







“Lucinda’s vision of me has catapulted me into a new, upleveled direction with my mission.”

Her photos of me convey not only beauty, but a deep power and groundedness as a woman. I work with women and when they see the visuals on my website, I intend for them to realize that they can cultivate the same qualities in themselves. I use Lucinda’s photos on all my marketing materials including constant contact, my website, my Facebook, Google + and Twitter pages. It conveys what I have to offer in a beautiful yet subtle visual way. I loved working with Lucinda, her energy is open, inviting and uplifiting. Expect giggles during your photoshoot and that energy will lend of your branding. I highly recommend Lucinda for your branding and website photoshoots. I’ll be going back to her time and time again.

— Aparna Khanolkar, Lifestyle Counselor




“The most fun, playful, ecstatic and embodied photo-shoot I’ve ever had!”

When I was in my early twenties, I modeled professionally in five countries, and I loved it, but on photo-shoots I would always get so nervous, stop breathing, and literally leave my body! How ironic! My recent photo-shoot at the W Hotel in Hollywood with my beloved photographer and friend Lucinda Rae Kinch was the most fun, playful, ecstatic and embodied photo-shoot I’ve ever had!

— Prema Gaia





amanda“Oh my Goddess, the photo shoot with Lucinda blew my mind!”

I felt so free and joyful as we played into the mystical magic on the beach.… Two worlds merged and I swear I felt a sudden shift, like the Mists of Avalon in the air. If you’re looking for and outside of the box shoot where you feel completely comfortable to get naked in you’re being without the judgment or fear, Lucinda is your woman! The photos speak for themselves, but what’s more is the transformation behind the shoot. I cleared a layer of shame and fear about expressing my sacred sexuality. The best moment was when I was jumping into the air straddling legs open wide people walking by and realizing: ‘They’re not judging me…They are intrigued and even turned on!’ There was this one couple that stuck around and watched shyly from afar and I realized how our magic was already changing and bliss-activating the planet. You will feel blessed, pampered, blissed and cared for by Lucinda in her Prosperity Branding photo shoots!

— Dr. Amanda Noelle




“Her photography and visual design skills have surpassed all my expectations.”

Lucinda blended a deeper spiritual dimension with yet a highly professional approach that truly helped capture the essence of my vision and the work I do.  I couldn’t be happier with my choice of using Lucinda for my new brand.

— Anne-Marie Charest






“This is truly transformational.”

If you want to uncover your core essence and your big why, and work with someone who will blend those two things into an irresistible brand that is in alignment with your passion and purpose, then LOOK NO FURTHER! Lucinda is an Alchemical Artist who works intuitively to bring out your true essence and the essence of your brand and blends these into a stunning visual, intellectual, spiritual brand that you can embody every day. Lucinda, thank you from the bottom of my heart! You have a client for life!

— Leslie Johnson, Marketing Mentor & Founder of Divine Feminine Marketing






“Since I’ve been working with Lucinda, the energy in my business has picked up dramatically, on every level.”

Lucinda was able to capture my true essence on film, and she produced some of the best photographs of me that I’ve ever seen. She is an exceptionally gifted photographer, highly sensitive to the energy of the moment in every way – and that’s just the beginning of why I LOVE Lucinda!

It was very difficult to choose which photographs were the very best ones to use for my branding, because almost everyone was a keeper. Once we were able to make the selections, Lucinda went to work conjuring up more of her magic, creating cosmic energy works of art and bringing the photographs to life in ways that completely resonated with the energy of my brand.

Since I’ve been working with Lucinda, the energy in my business has picked up dramatically, on every level. Not only is my list growing by leaps and bounds, but because of my new visual branding I’ve been asked to speak at several new conferences and events which have been simulcast all over the world. I am now stepping into my soul purpose in bigger ways, and getting bigger results. I am always grateful when the Universe shows me the way, but this time, I am grateful beyond words that I was divinely guided to Lucinda. She has been fully committed to supporting my personal and professional comfort, growth and prosperity, in the process of helping me to develop my vision for my business and my brand.

What I’ve loved most about working with Lucinda is her obvious joy in creating her special kind of multidimensional artistry. Her special gifts have helped to bring my soul purpose to life, to be visually expressed and understood. Working with Lucinda has been a powerful process that has helped me to see myself more clearly and to let go of some long-standing visibility issues that had been getting in my way. She has led me to make giant leaps forward in my business and in my life, and I’ve learned how easy and FUN it can be to let my inner light shine! Thank You, Lucinda!

— Lea Denmark, Life Transformation Mentor & Speaker,




“Lucinda knows how to capture the essence of a person.”

Her talent pours out through her photos, and her photographs are so outstanding — it is impossible to choose the best shot — at least, that was my dilemma. What a dilemma! I was thrilled to have so many choices.

— Nancy Mills, Founder/Creator,






James_sq“Lucinda takes care of her clients, and made sure that I received the highest quality in the final product.”

I constantly receive praise about the photographs I have used from sessions with Lucinda. A picture is worth a thousand words, but hers leave me speechless. She has a gift for capturing very special, magical moments that leaves me with photographs that far exceed my greatest expectations.

Her timing, vision and experience make the process wonderful from start to finish. Every session is fun, flexible and easy, and I confidently recommend her for every type of photographic need.

I have only praise for the way that she handled every level of the shoot to print process. Lucinda takes care of her clients, and made sure that I received the highest quality in the final product.

~ James Allen, Spiritual Mentor,




“Playing with Lucinda and her camera was a day of enlightenment.”

There were many opportunities to express myself in different ways brought forth my creative side, my Empress, singer and loving hearted person. She was able to capture some amazing moments of laughter, passion, pleasure and joy, plus profound times of inner expression. Lucinda is so easy to be with and is flexible and able to adapt to the environment, using what is available to make the photos work!

— Pamelah Landers, Hands On Company






“These photos have left me breathless.”

Thank you for your brilliance in your creative capabilities of all you have captured. I am beyond happy! I’m excited to be able to put these photos up for all to see on my new website of what’s possible for anyone to create a life of possibilities.

— Judy Browne